Eric Church Releases New Video for ‘A Man Who Was Gonna Die Young’

By Annie Reuter

The saga that Eric Church has been creating around the songs on his new album The Outsiders continues to unfold with the release of his latest video for “A Man Who Was Gonna Die Young.”

The mysterious storyline, which was introduced during the release of his video for “Give Me Back My Hometown,” thickens with this video, as two young new characters are added to the mix. Watch the video below.

In an interview with, Church advised that fans pay attention to the characters in each music video, because they are part of a much longer storyline.

“All the characters that are in that, light will be shed on them as we go through this single process and video process,” he said. “Throughout this entire album, that storyline will continue to play out and the ending is quite remarkable. We’ll get to that one day.”

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Though “A Man Who Was Gonna Die Young” was not the first video he released from The Outsiders, the stripped-down track was one of the first song he wrote for the record. It features just Church and an electric guitar — as does the new video.

The song, he told, “talks about turning 36, it talks about finding your first gray hairs. I think too many people, if you are 46 you want to look 36, and if you’re 36 you want to look 26. I didn’t want to do that. I’ve earned the gray hairs. So I wanted to show that level of honesty.”

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