Looking at my list I notice most of my songs are newer records for 2013, but if you ask me, the latter part of this year had the best music and I think you did ask me because well…here you are!

10. Ashley Monroe – Weed Instead of Roses

I picked this song for a few reasons. A#1 It’s hilarious A#2 Sometimes girls just don’t want roses and I can respect that and A#3 There aren’t many artists like Ashley Monroe who will put a song out like this one and I love her for that.

9. Dan + Shay – 19 You + Me

You will see this name A LOT in the very near future. First, I think the singer sounds EXACTLY like Gary LeVox of Rascal Flatts (my most favoritest band on the planet) I also saw them when they performed in the Cambria Gallery and when I tell you they have hit song after hit song coming in 2014…TRUUUUST me. They do. Not only do they write their own songs but maaaaan can Shay SING!

8. The Band Perry – Done

I LOVED seeing Kimberly perform this song live. Especially at The ACM’s last year. Like, she knocked it wayyyyy out of the park and in super high heels! Whhhhat?! I can’t even walk in heels let alone sing, dance AND be hot in them! And btw…there is no better feeling than just being “done” and knowing you are…am I right?

7. Eric Paslay – Friday Night

Eric is one of my favorite new artists. He’s been around awhile writing songs, he co- wrote Barefoot Blue Jean Night, Even If it Breaks Your Heart, and Angel Eyes to name a few. I had dinner with him one night and it was a loooong dinner mostly because the conversation was SO awesome. I learned a lot about this industry, about Country music, and I think at the end of the day it made me a better jock. Well, it at least put some certain things to the front of my mind when going on the air. Plus, he’s a genuinely cool guy and it’s always awesome to see those people succeed! You’ll hear a lot from him next year too!

6. Maggie Rose – Better

I picked this song because first of all, I love her. How can you not love someone who will drink beer and oj with you at 9am? Second, if there is one song that could sum up 2013 for me personally? It’s this one.

5. Florida-Georgia Line feat. Nelly – Cruise

HUGE song! I picked the Nelly version because I LOVE me some Nelly and I think it’s better.

4. Billy Currington – We Are Tonight

Billy Currington playing the Cambria Gallery this year was a top highlight. When he sang “Sweet Music Man” you….ya know, I can’t even describe the feeling in the room or how it made me feel…there are no words. This song will be around into 2014 and one of my favorites out right now!

3. Brett Eldredge – Beat of the Music AND Chris Young – Aw Naw

These 2 songs are tied. Basically because Brett and Chris Young’s albums that came out this year are my 2 favorite albums that I can listen to front to back. Pick em up for a stocking stuffer!

2. Luke Bryan – Drink A Beer

This song gives me goosebumps and I fully expect no matter how old I am (I hope its old) that when I pass away this song is playing on a loop as people walk into my funeral and grab an ice cold Coors Light out of the beer trough that will be at the front door.

1. Hunter Hayes – I Want Crazy

This is my JAM! Why is it #1? Because “I don’t want good and I don’t want good enough, I want can’t sleep, can’t breathe without your love. Front porch and one more kiss, it doesn’t make sense to anybody else. Who cares if you’re all I think about, I’ve searched the world and I know now, It ain’t right if you ain’t lost your mind. I don’t want easy I want crazy”

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