The Ladies Room: Deer Rescue!

Awww! I love this!  I get it, people hunt. It’s cool. I’m not one of those people that preach or anything, I get it. That being said I don’t hunt, it makes me sad and I’ve been that way since I was little and my dad made me kiss a fish for a picture. When you are 4 you think, Kiss=love right? So I loved the fish and would cry when they would die. haha  I got banned from fishing, apparently me crying took all the fun out of it for them 🙂

Annnnyway, here is an awesome deer rescue video. 3 deer were stuck out on the ice on Albert Lea Lake here in Minnesota.

And just for fun…probably one of the BEST days of my life thus far.  I went to fawn doe rosa and want to live there and frolic. haha

deer1 The Ladies Room: Deer Rescue!

Selfies with Bambi!

deer2 The Ladies Room: Deer Rescue!

Deer kisses, it loves me. I’m like Snow White!

deer3 The Ladies Room: Deer Rescue!

















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