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Eric Church (photo credit: John Peets)


Throughout his career, Eric Church has worked to developed an image that’s dark around the edges and a little bit ‘outlaw.’ And so for the launch of his upcoming album The Outsiders, he and his team have been having fun dropping clues via a series of mysterious teaser videos, which have hinted at significant dates in the campaign (the live debut of his new single, for instance) as well as possible song titles and short audio clips.

For some folks, though, the video he launched earlier this week appears to have gone too far.

As we reported earlier, that video was titled “One Will Rise and One Will Fall,” and it featured a clip of Taylor Swift speaking at an awards show, where she mentions she got a boost in her career by being added to a Rascal Flatts tour in 2006 after Church, who was the original opening act, was fired for playing too long. Swift’s speech is juxtaposed with a hand writing out the words “one will rise and one will fall.”

Spooky? Maybe. A dig at Taylor? Not likely. Yet some certainly took it that way. One writer wondered if Taylor was “the one that will fall,” another labeled it a “threat,” while still another didn’t mince words, calling the video “despicable, sickening, and downright dangerous.” Yikes.

In what appears to be a response to these reactions, the video has since been pulled (set to “private”).

Not one to sit still, Church’s camp reacted quickly. Today, a new video appeared, accompanied on the singer’s Facebook and Twitter sites with the simple message, “Focus on the clues and stay on course…”

The video is pretty simple this time, a 30-second clip that just shows a single message written out on a piece of paper.

Watch the new Eric Church video and read the message it contains on

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