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Everyone knows that us gals tend to seek out men who we are interested in entering into a relationship with, however, the R word isn’t usually the first thing on a guy’s mind. So, how do you know if he’s relationship material or if this is just another fling?

Believe it or not (ha ha,) men are pretty easy to read. In fact, there are some things men will only make it a point to do if they ARE really interested in you. Chances are, if they don’t do these things, it’s pretty safe to say they are not looking for a serious relationship. At that point, you have two options — try to “make” him interested, or move on. We recommend the latter … if you have to work that hard to gain his interest, it’s not worth it, and even if you succeed — it won’t last.

Is He Serious About You?

– Did he call or stop by to check on you because you weren’t feeling well? Or, did he ask you about a recent job interview, work event, or how your day was, etc? If a guy asks you how something went or if you are feeling better after falling ill, he genuinely cares about you. Guys who don’t really care will rarely remember what you say, and definitely don’t want to hear more details about your life.

– Does he apologize for something that he thinks you may be mad or upset about, before you even voice this to him? If so, you’ve got yourself a keeper. Most men won’t apologize for anything unless they are interested in you.

– Are you moving or do you need help with something? If a guy volunteers himself to help you, without you asking him first, he’s really into you!

– Has the guy in question recently asked you to attend an event with him in advance? If he’s making plans in advance with you, trust us … he plans to keep you around.

– If he sends you a cute text message, or invites you over to cuddle … there’s a good chance he’s relationship material. No guy is going to put himself out there like that if he considers you a fling.

– If he brings you to a party or a friend’s house, if he’s serious about you, he will keep you nearby so he can introduce you to people and brag about you. And if he’s not, he will more than likely let you fend for yourself. Sorry ladies, it’s true.

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