Everyone Can Find Love…Even Superheros!

Paul and I talked about these dating websites this morning and NOW you have no excuse to not find love! Only 1 rule, we want to be invited to the wedding, ESPECIALLY if it’s a superhero wedding!  P.S.  Not responsible for the content that may or may not pop up…we are just trying to help you find love.  Love at your own risk.

Superhero Dating Site


For those with STD’s


If you like Women who are behind bars?  I mean, hey…she’s never going to be home…


There is a dating site for married people buuuut I’m not posting that link because cheaters suck.

Site for mother’s with single kids for moms who want their kid out of the basement!


Date a Sea Captain…I mean, who WOULDN’T want to date a Sea Captain?!


AND! For those of you who just knoooow you look good and wanna date someone that looks JUST like you, got a site for that too!


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