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Wesley Hitt / Getty Images

Wesley Hitt / Getty Images

Lake Wobegon Days – Where all the men are good looking, the women are strong, the kids above average, and the football team never disappoints at disappointing.

The Blair Walsh Project – Automatic Extra Points have gone missing in this thriller of a tale. Follow along as a young NFL kicker and a film crew enter a huge stadium…and unfamiliar, unexplainable events start occurring. No field goal is safe. No kickoff is unreturnable. And if you feel a sharp, daggering pain…it just might be a bad hamstring!

Are you There God Its ME…… A Viking Fan  –   Self Explanitory

Ponder’s List – Quarterback Christian Ponder became concerned when seeing defenses from other teams were not getting enough turnovers. He put it on his shoulders…and his right arm….to help them get those turnovers that their team and that team’s fan base sorely needed. He single-handedly saved the jobs of several defensive players and defensive coordinators from around the NFL.

50 Shades of Purple – What we thought would be an erotic thriller with all the manly butt slapping, just ended up teasing us over and over again with the thought of a win – leaving fans in the storyline and we the reader Purple with frustration.

Leslie’s Choice – Leslie’s Choice is a thriller of the highest order, all the more thrilling for the fact that the dark, gloomy future for Leslie Frazier is unearthed game by game. Bad time management. Horrible offensive and defensive scheming. But more importantly, at the one position that is the most important position for any team to succeed in the NFL….Quarterback….are three men battling to see who will lead the Vikings to their next loss. The man that gets the chance to start is not our choice. It’s Leslie’s Choice.

The Hunger To Win Games – Not Catching Fire

Lord of the Super Bowl Rings – It was a 600 page read that kept you thinking the Vikings would eventually make an appearance…..we hear they’re drafting a new version yearly.

**Thanks to my buddy Cory Schmidt for adding to the list!

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