For Jason Aldean, New Single ‘When She Says Baby’ Just ‘Grew On Me’

jason aldean when she says baby

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Jason Aldean’s Night Train is barely a year old, but already he’s releasing a fifth radio single from the platinum-selling album, “When She Says Baby.”

“It’s just one of those songs that on the [album] that kinda grew on me,” Aldean told during an interview last month before his show in Memphis. “You have certain songs that grow on you and certain songs that you kinda fall off of after a while. And this was one that, after listening to it for a year, I’m still into it. And that’s usually the sign of a good song.”

“When She Says Baby” was written by Rhett Akins and Ben Hayslip, two-thirds of the hit songwriting trio the Peach Pickers (Akins is alsothe father of singer Thomas Rhett).

“When we’re looking for songs for a record, I mean, you have certain songs that come in that are like ‘no brainers’–[as in] ‘this is huge, it’s gonna be a monster song.’” In a previous interview, Aldean brought up Night Train‘s “Take a Little Ride” as an example of one of those ‘no brainers.’

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Other songs, however, “kinda grow on you as time goes on,” Aldean explained. “And ‘Baby’ for me was one of those songs.”

“I mean, I love the song,” he continued. “Rhett Akins, one of the writers on it, pitched it to me. [And] as time went on I liked it enough to put it in the show. And the reaction we got there was great.”

“When She Says Baby” also made the song list during Aldean’s show last spring at the University of Georgia’s Sanford Stadium–a set that is now showcased on his brand-new live DVD, Night Train To Georgia. So obviously he–and his fans–were already digging the song months ago.

Jason Aldean in Memphis

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During the process of planning for the DVD shoot, Aldean and his team had to think ahead. As he pointed out during our interview, “Night Train” wasn’t even a single at the time, let alone “Baby.” But he deliberately chose to include both in the Sanford Stadium set.

“We had those songs in the show because we thought there was a chance [they’d become singles],” Aldean explained–so that now that the DVD is out (it hit stores last month), the song list is as up-to-date as possible.

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Aldean said he and his team “did a little poll” recently on social media, where they “threw a few songs out there and asked people which ones were their favorites.” It turned out, he said, that “‘Baby’ and ‘Night Train’ were right up there. So if that’s any indication…‘Night Train’ did well for us, so hopefully it’ll roll over into this one.”

– Kurt Wolff,

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