By Koffy In The Morning

Honestly the manufacturers of these toasters should realize this is a sacred moment in the day.  Bread is one of the best vehicles for Thy Lord’s nectar(butter).

On a top ten list of things in life, somewhere in there for me is a plate of toasted and buttered Cottage Bread. OMG I can knock out a whole loaf at once, Cottage Bread to begin with is just another form of angel food cake, but you add butter to it, and game over.

Which brings me to this DEAL OR DUD question.  The toaster has a bagel setting – don’t care, and a button with a picture of a snowflake on it.  I’ve hit it, it makes one side go off. ( I don’t know who eats freak toast but whatever)

The dial in the middle, pretty simple the higher the number the darker the toast.  Here’s the thing shouldn’t take 3 minutes to add some golden heat to Cottage Bread!  It shouldn’t take 6 minutes to get dark toast.

Do you know what I look like if I spend 6 minutes in a good tanning bed?  Worse than this toast, but I really don’t want to drop the change for a home tanning bed to use as a toaster.

I got a $5 toaster at the thrift store in Dresser, it was crap and so then I went and spend $7 on a toaster from the Habitat store in St. Croix Falls. We’ll call that Crap Part II.

Say hello to brand new Black and Decker toaster with the snowflake/option from WalMart or as I call it, Crap the 3rd. A man shouldn’t be close to $30 in on a toaster to have some butter the way God intended, and certainly shouldn’t have to wait 6 minutes to get it done. toaster DEAL OR ...WAIT NOPE ITS A DUD

So, if you’re in the market or are getting a house warming gift, or you run a bank and were thinking of ordering 2000 toasters for an “Open a Savings Account” promotion, I would pass on this one.

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