The Thrill of a low Power and Gas Bill

thermostat The Thrill of a low Power and Gas BillLet the games begin!  I’m sure there is reasoning for it but I am going to start by saying $40 a month as a connection fee is ridic.

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some electricity, but $40 just to have it on seems like a backdoor way of actually getting a couple more cents per KWH. DING! DING! DING!  Example–> “I only pay $.02 per KWH which is awesome, my connection fee is $110. a month”

Enter THE WOOD STOVE.  I decided I would rather give my money to the chainsaw manufacturers and The Osceola Sun.  The wood is free and after I read the paper, it gets re purposed.

It’s 34 outside at the moment, however, I have the sliding glass door cracked and am handsomely sporting some boxer briefs and a t-shirt.  The wood stove is rockin!

The thermostat pictured is not even upstairs.  This stove is working so well, we now have new names for upstairs –  Playa Del Carmen or when I forget to adjust the damper, Face of The Sun.  I come in with an arm load of wood and the animals are like “Oh Daayyum, I need to get outside!”

No sleep because it is so ungodly hot in the bedroom has it’s payoff….I can lay there longer with a smile on my face at the satisfaction of not hearing the furnace.

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