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Have you ever come across a superstitious person and wondered if perhaps, there was some validity to their fear or belief?

Historically speaking, Halloween is observed during the darkest part of the year. It was believed that during this time, spirits could enter into the living world more easily than the lighter part of the year. From these beliefs, various superstitions were derived. Though superstitions are much less popular today than they were in the olden days, some superstitions still remain — especially during the Halloween season.

Here are the Top 13 Halloween Superstitions

13. This one is pretty well-known — it’s bad luck if a black cat crosses your path, especially on Halloween or Friday the 13th.

12. Do you feel the need to ward off evil spirits on Halloween? What better way than to walk around your home three times backwards before the sun sets. For best results, make sure you are also going counterclockwise.

11. If you see a bat on Halloween, especially flying around in your house, this means that your house is haunted. Time to move out, or stay — if you dare!

10. Are you a “Halloween baby?” If so, it is believed that you can communicate with spirits on the other side.

9. Have you ever wondered why we put candles inside our carved pumpkins? The superstition behind this is, that the candle will keep evil spirits away.

8. Speaking of candles, if a candle happens to go out by itself on Halloween, it is believed that you have a visitor — a ghost!

7. If the ghosts decide not to visit and your candle remains lit, if you look into the light — it is believed that you will see your future.

6. Need some good luck? Light an orange candle when the clock strikes midnight on Halloween. If you let the candle burn until sunrise, you will be the recipient of good luck — you know, as long as as your house doesn’t burn down.

5. If you hear what sounds like footsteps behind you on Halloween, run! It is believed that if you hear footsteps, ghosts are following you.

4. If you happen to see a ghost on Halloween, you can make it vanish by walking around it 9 times.

3. If you hear three knocks on your door and no one is on the other side of the door, superstition has it that this means someone close to you has passed away.

2. You should never slam a door — especially on Halloween. If you slam a door on a ghost, it is believed that he will haunt you forever!

1. Have you spotted a spider on Halloween before? Next time say “hello.” After all, if you see a spider on Halloween, it is believed to be a relative’s spirit.

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