The link above is contact and background information on John Peterson The Psy-Guy

Here were the indicators that prompted me to call someone to come out and check the house out.

1. Doors Locking by themselves, locking me and others out.

2. A very intense/uncomfortable feeling of being watched

3. Certain rooms having a the feeling of I AM IN HERE DON’T COME IN.

4. Shadow beings  standing in rooms

5.  Waking up to the feeling of HEY WHY ARE YOU IN HERE  followed by ICE COLD AIR traveling over my face.

6. Hearing “HELLO” from a lady’s voice – not belonging to anyone in the house.

7. Repetitive tapping noise from unexplained source.

So I had John Peterson, The PsyGuy, come out to get a feeling of if there actually was something in the house and tell them to go bye bye.

He walked in and took all of 2 seconds to start pointing at spots where the invisible peeps were hanging out.  Two here, Two up in the rafters here,  an old lady like hanging out in that room, whose room is that?


He snapped photos and found some orbs which I will add to this post tomorrow after I talk with John some more about it.

I recorded on mp3 the whole experience but have been to chicken to listen back to it.  The house, now a couple of days later, feels completely different and I do not want to listen back to audio for fear of actually hearing something.

He detected some horses still on the property and up in the barn and a big animal of some sorts snoozing in the living room.

We said some prayers and poofed everyone off the property except the Old Lady that lives up in my room because she was apparently harmless.  My deal was that I don’t give a rip if something or someone was there – just don’t give me the creepies and stay quiet.

Friday evening the house felt so much lighter. Except my room where I guess the lady came back and was like “Yo what went on here today?”

Creeped again. So I grabbed the trusted Sage – which for whatever reason makes any kind of energy scadooodle – lit some on the wood stove and told the Old Lady just what I’ve said here – “Hey you wanna stay – that’s fine – but I don’t want to see you, hear you, feel you, and Me and the Trinity have a pretty good thing going so if you wanna talk to me, come through them.

Sunday and Monday(last night) I slept – for real – and really good.

John knows his stuff and I can’t thank him enough.  I’m all about paranormal stuff, just not the creepy kind. Experiencing the creepy stuff is not something I can handle or will tolerate.

One thing John noticed was that Tiny, the mastiff that was adopted with the property, wanted a stuffed animal.  Saturday I picked one up for him.  The picture is of Tiny on his Mickey Mouse Blanket and his Teddy Bear. IMG_20130929_191846

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