What To Do With 4 Ghosts in the House???

Never thought this would be part of my life’s experience but here it is.  I’m having  John Peterson the Psy-Guy from IGH come out to my place this weekend to figure out what exactly is going on.

Feeling a weird sense of another presence is one thing, seeing something as well as having physical experiences is another. I haven’t had real great sleep lately.

My wife and I have both been locked out of the house seconds after stepping outside, women have seen “shadow” people in the house and upon having the eerie feeling of being watched to look up and see someone standing outside the window looking in at them.  Something odd about feeling like someone is in the room while you are trying to sleep and having ice cold air flow across your face. Ummmm no that wasn’t a draft.

So I am going to have John come out. He does this stuff a lot – finding out who is there and why and whether there is something to be worried about.  On the phone he told me it appears to be a family of 4 that lived on the land back in the 1800’s.

That’s great – do they watch us take showers? Why can’t they just stay in the barn? – Not to be rude.  What’s with the hanging out in the room giving the creepy “i”m watching you” feeling??

The animals getting whacked out doesn’t help either.

I am planning on recording the process with an audio only recorder, but honestly I don’t know if I want to listen back to it for fear of what messages my be laid into the recording…know what I mean?  Great I’m editing audio in the house by myself and I head the whisper of Get The Hell Out! ….Ummm no thanks!

I’ll keep ya posted.

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