Disney Makes Disabled People Stand In Line Too

David Roark/Disney Parks via Getty Images

David Roark/Disney Parks via Getty Images

Back in May, a report came out that rich people were hiring individuals with limited physical ability to escort them around Disney World and Disneyland because disabled people are allowed to skip the lines for rides.

Apparently it’s been going on forever, but Disney was always afraid to address it or change their policies because, you know, it looks really bad if you start making life harder on the handicapped.

But once the report came out, Disney didn’t really have a choice.  So they’ve announced they’re officially changing their policies.  As of October 9th, there won’t be a special pass for disabled people and their friends to skip lines anymore.

Disabled people WILL get a pass, but it will work like a “FastPass”. They’ll get a time to report back to the ride where they can skip the line.  And they can only get one of those passes at a time.  Also, the disabled person in your group has to ride the ride.

Obviously, this sounds kind of harsh, but Disney had to do something because of morally bankrupt people abusing the system.

It wasn’t just rich people abusing it either, if you requested a disability pass, Disney couldn’t legally ask you WHY you needed one, so they’d basically have to give one to anyone who asked, and let anyone skip the lines.

– Bobbie Everett, 100.3 The Bull Houston

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