Justin Moore Says His Booty Song ‘I’d Want It To Be Yours’ Is ‘Ridiculous’ But Now Also A ‘Fan Favorite’

"I truly expected nobody to like it or want to hear it."
Justin Moore

Justin Moore (photo courtesy Big Machine Label Group)

Justin Moore‘s third studio album Off the Beaten Path, which dropped Sept. 17, features not only “Point At You” (a song that hit the No. 1 spot on the Mediabase country singles chart this week) but also “I’d Want It to Be Yours,” a new song that’s quickly becoming a fan favorite.

When Moore teamed up with songwriters Jeremy Stover and Brandon Kinney to write it, Moore says that the group’s initial goal was to revisit “I Could Kick Your Ass,” a song of Moore’s that appeared on his 2009 debut album.

“As crazy as it sounds, that song [‘I Could Kick Your Ass’] has been a blessing in my career. It was one of the reasons I got a record deal,” Moore told Radio.com during an interview last week in New York, when he was in town to celebrate the release of Off the Beaten Path. “It’s a big reason that album’s gold, and it’s one of those songs that I understand won’t ever be on the radio, but it’s important for my fans. It’s important to the album as a whole. I really sat down to write another one of those.”

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With the idea of writing something along the lines of, “If there’s anybody’s ass I would kiss or kick, I’d want it to be yours,” Moore said the new track went in a completely different direction. And as they continued to write, all the songwriters agreed if they were going to go this direction with the song, they should make it “as ridiculous” as possible.

Which they did. On the chorus of “I’d Want It To Be Yours,” for instance, Moore sings: “You’re a little bit of JLo / A little bit Kim Kardashian/ It’s big, it ain’t tiny/ I’m diggin that hiney, it’s a classy one.”

“I truly expected nobody to like it or want to hear it,” Moore said if “I’d Want It To Be Yours,” and yet “it’s quickly become a fan favorite. Women love it, I’m surprised. I thought women would hate it, but women love it, including my wife.” And last Thursday (Sept. 19), during a happy hour performance in New York, Moore played the track, and everyone in attendance laughed along.

So does he think it might eventually become a radio single? Um, not likely. “There’s a few cusswords in it,” he said.

At that same happy hour performance, Moore also sang another new song of his, “Heroes,” noting that a dollar of every download goes to the Armed Forces Foundation.

Moore describes himself as a traditional country singer, but he also noted that country music today comes in many different flavors, so it’s not always easy to define what makes an artist today “country.”

“There are so many types now. There is rap country, rock country, pop country, traditional country. My favorite artists are traditional because that’s what I grew up on and that’s what I love,” he explained. “That comes out of me naturally. That’s what my voice lends itself to.”

And Moore is fully accepting of the genre’s diversity. ”All the embracing of [country music] has brought new fans into the format,” he said. “I personally play traditional country music for the most part. That’s what I do ’cause that’s what I like.”

What he also “likes” is sharing experiences from his own life through his songwriting.

“The best songs that you ever write are songs that you write from personal experience,” he said. “I’ve learned that if a song is personal to me, it’s personal to everybody else. We all go through the same things no matter if you’re from Poyen, Arkansas [Moore’s hometown] or New York City. We all go through the same struggles in life, high points and low points. But if a song’s personal to you, it’s personal to everybody.”

Moore’s Off the Beaten Path is available everywhere.

– Annie Reuter, Radio.com

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