Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers (Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers (Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

There’s nothing like old friends.

Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton know this firsthand. The duo joined forces back in 1983 for their No. 1 hit “Islands in the Stream,” which became among the biggest hits of their careers. They then went on to record a Christmas album together, as well as the tracks “Love Is Strange” and “Real Love.”

Three decades later, they’re back with a new collaboration, “You Can’t Make Old Friends.” The duet between the two superstars is the title track of Rogers’ upcoming new album, his first country collection in seven years. You Can’t Make Old Friends is due out next month (Oct. 8).

The single is already available for download, but now there’s a new music video for it as well. Watch it below:

“It’s been 30 years since ‘Islands in the Stream’ was a hit,” Parton says during the intro to the “You Can’t Make Old Friends” video. “Til this day, I never get tired of hearing that song. Same with the audience. Everybody loves that song.”

Rogers then goes on to explain how when Parton walked into the room to record the track something very special happened.

Parton agrees. “There was just something about mine and Kenny’s chemistry with each other. Our friendship. People really sensed what we really feel.”

Referring to Parton as his “soul partner,” Rogers kicks off the poignant ballad wondering what he’ll do when she’s no longer with him.

“What will I do when you’re gone/ Who’s gonna tell me the truth/ Who’s gonna finish the stories I start/ The way you always do,” Rogers sings alone on stage.

As photos of the two performing over the years flash on the screen, Parton is seen singing in her dressing room backstage.

“How will I sing when you go/ ‘Cause it won’t sound the same/ Who’ll join in on those harmony parts/ When I call your name,” she continues.

“When we did ‘Islands in the Stream’ we connected musically, when we did ‘You Can’t Make Old Friends’ we connected personally,” Rogers says at the video’s end. “For me, it’s not important that it’s a hit song but it’s important historically to have it on tape. In this business where so much of it is business, to take the time for a moment and just enjoy someone for the person they are is a great gift, and I appreciate you for always doing that with me.”

Parton agreed, calling Rogers her best friend. “It’s been a wonderful journey, and I’m glad I got to walk that road with you.”

You Can’t Make Old Friends is the title track from Rogers’ Oct. 8 release. See the complete track listing below:

01. You Can’t Make Old Friends (Duet With Dolly Parton)
02. All I Need Is One
03. You Had To Be There
04. ’Merica
05. Turn This World Around
06. Dreams Of The San Joaquin
07. Don’t Leave Me In The Night Time (Featuring Buckwheat Zydeco)
08. Look At You
09. Neon Horses
10. When You Love Someone
11. It’s Gonna Be Easy Now

– Annie Reuter,

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