Gary Allan Joins Zac Brown In His Disdain For Today’s Country Music

Michael Brands / Getty Images

Michael Brands / Getty Images

Wow. First it was Zac Brown saying that new country makes him want to puke and now Gary Allan has joined in to say that he’s not very fond of the direction of today’s country music, including the music of two of country’s biggest ladies.

Gary Allan did an interview last week with Larry King and when asked whether he was a fan of today’s country music, especially the Carrie and Taylor’s of the genre, Gary definitely had some things to say.

“I would say they’re pop artists making a living in the country genre. I also feel like we lost our genre.”

He continues, “I feel like I don’t make music for a genre anymore. I did 10, 15 years ago. But since the Clear Channels and the Cumulus and all the big companies bought up all the chains, now it’s about a demographic.”

“They’ve sliced everything up and [is] feeding it to the public. You used to be able to turn on the radio and you knew it was a country station just by listening to it. Now, you’ve got to leave it there for a second to figure it out.”

Fans seem divided on whether Gary stepped out of line or not, but one thing’s for sure, he and Zac Brown have definitely brought the issue to the forefront of fans’ minds. Watch the Gary Allan interview below:

– Bobbie Everett, 100.3 The Bull Houston

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