Brad Paisley Creating Feature Film Based On His Song ‘I Can’t Change The World’

Talk about taking things to the next level. Brad Paisley isn’t settling for a simple music video to illustrate his latest single, “I Can’t Change the World.” He wants to turn it into a feature film. And based on interviews he did this week with KFRG in Riverside, Calif. and WYCD in Detroit, he’s well on his way to getting this ambitious project off the ground.

“We started talking to Sony Pictures about it,” Paisley told KFRG, “and I’m going to start filming stuff in September.”

In the song “I Can’t Change the World,” Paisley dives into some pretty heady subject matter regarding our ever-faster world of communication and its seemingly endless feed of information–and what that’s doing to individuals and, ultimately, the human condition as a whole. “We live in this interconnected world,” Paisley explained, where “in real time” we learn about worldwide events, such as a train wreck in Europe or a tsunami in Asia. However, “instead of connecting us all, it isolates us. The 24-hour news cycle has made it completely overwhelming, and we feel scared and threatened, and like none of us matter.”

“The journey that we’re all on is figuring out how to live in this age of too much information, and how to make a difference. And that’s what we’re attempting to answer with this.”

As Paisley told WYCD, though, for him, that idea of “making a difference” starts right at home–and it’s the thing that will ultimately help keep us all grounded. “What this movie and the song point to,” he explained, “is that if you change this world for anybody, or make it better for any single person, then your life has meaning” (“I can’t change the world,” he sings in the song, “But I can change yours”).

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Paisley has been working on this film idea for a while now, he told KFRG, ”ever since we wrote the song” [he cowrote it with Chris DuBois and Kelley Lovelace]. He explained that when he was trying to figure out a way to “illustrate” the song, the treatment quickly became “much larger than a music video” and “ended up becoming a screenplay.”

Paisley said he’s excited about venturing into filmmaking, too–and he feels up to the task. “I like the idea of directing, because in some ways it’s what I’ve done for a long time, in terms of music videos and live shows.

“There are so many ways you can tell a story,” he said. And for him “as a music artist, it’s very exciting to think about creating a larger way to paint the picture.”

– Kurt Wolff,

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