So it seems that Nabisco has been taking advantage of Oreo lovers everywhere. Their Double Stuf Oreos don’t actually contain double the stuff.

TMZ is reporting that a High School math class in New York did the math and there is about 7% less stuff than what was promised on the package.

The project was assigned by a consumer math teacher, and students did extensive testing on 10 Oreos and determined that Double Stuf Oreos were actually only 1.86 time larger. Also the Mega Stuf Oreos, which are supposed to be 3 times larger, are really only 2.68 times larger. That’s 11% oreo missing.

Nabiso claims that the class is wrong and stand by their Double Stuf Oreos.

We tried to have the interns replicate the experiment themselves, but they just kept eating the cookies.

What do you think, are Double Stuf Oreos actually double stuffed? Let us know in the comments below.

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