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Brad Paisley celebrated the chart-topping success of his hit single, “Beat This Summer,” during a party in Nashville yesterday (Tuesday, August 20th). Amidst all the merriment, Brad took a minute to get serious about his tourmate Chris Young, who is recovering from a serious leg infection — well, only a minute before joking about Chris and perpetuating the rumor he started on Monday (August 19th) on Twitter when he said that Chris was actually recovering from plastic surgery.

Brad tweeted, “Hoping @ChrisYoungMusic feels better and gets back on the road soon. Facelifts can really be painful the first few days after, I hear.”

As Brad tells us, Chris is on the mend. [“It’s healing really well. He just felt like he wanted a little lift in his jawline. I haven’t seen it yet, but he’ll be out this weekend I think, so . . . (laughs) I’m kidding! I just talked to him on the phone, actually. That’s actually a really scary thing. I had a family member die from a staph-type infection at a young age, and you don’t realize that something like a wound or a gash that gets one of the really bad skin infections can kill you but it can. That’s crazy, and I think he’s really lucky that he was with some people that encouraged him to go get this fixed. It really was scary to think about him . . . You know I like you when I tease you, you know, but while they were in there I think they did a bunch of cosmetic stuff for him which is good. I can’t wait to see him (and) see how it works (laughs).”] SOUNDCUE (:59 OC: . . . how it works (laughs).)

Chris was released from a Denver hospital and returned home to Nashville on Monday. He will rejoin Brad and Lee Brice on the Beat This Summer tour on Thursday (August 22nd) in Mountain View, CA.

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