Want to know how to conquer your fear of public restrooms? Get pregnant! When there’s a baby sitting on and kicking your bladder, it’s never safe to be more than 10 minutes from a bathroom.

Up until I found out I was expecting, I did anything and everything to avoid an encounter with a public restroom. Oh and I’d squat in bushes infested with fire ants before I’d use a porta potty. At least that’s how it used to be. Now, I’ve gained a real appreciation for public potties and I consider myself an expert. Here are some of my faves:

First up, the Home Depot in Richfield. You have truly outdone yourself. These things are classy. They’re clean, and outfitted with some upgraded fixtures that make it feel warm and inviting. You almost forget you’re in a Home Depot.

Props to the porta potties at Rockwoods Jamfest last weekend. Despite the hot sun and many tipsy patrons, as of Saturday at 7:30pm, they were still shockingly clean (at least the one I used), and dare I say they actually smelled nice? Slow clap for you Rockwoods!

If you’re really looking for a stellar bathroom experience there are some amazing restrooms in the Twin Cities including The Varsity Theater, Loring Pasta Bar, and 4th floor Macy’s downtown.

And finally, if you’re leery of stopping at just any restroom there’s an app to help you decide whether to sit or squat. That’s the name of it, ‘Sit or Squat.’ It’s a free app where people rate bathrooms. Genius!

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