Hunter Hayes just pulled a hat trick. This week his single “I Want Crazy” went to No. 1 on the Country Aircheck Mediabase chart. “Crazy” follows the success of his two former No. 1 hits, “Wanted” and “Somebody’s Heartbreak.”

In an interview with during his Encore album release week, Hayes recalled hearing “I Want Crazy” recently on the radio with his parents in Nashville.

“I was riding somewhere with my folks in Nashville on a day off and it came on and conversation ceased,” he said. “There was pure excitement. There is pure excitement. There will always be pure excitement. That’s not something you get used to or get comfortable with necessarily. It still catches me off guard a little bit and I think it always will because there’s something magical about somebody else endorsing your music that way, believing in you like that. It was really cool.”

Hayes revealed how the song came together in a writing session with Lori McKenna and Troy Verges.

“I had this title ‘I Want Crazy’ and I was trying to say exactly what I said. I don’t want, ‘We can make this work. Sure, okay, it’s good,’” he explained. “There’s these moments in the right relationship where your friends look at you as if they don’t know you. They’re just like, ‘Who are you?’ But it’s a pleasant surprise. It’s not like, ‘Dude you haven’t called me in six months, kind of surprise. It’s more like, ‘Where’s all this energy and all these laughs coming from. Who is this person?’”

Hayes said what he wants in a relationship is “probably talking a little too much on the phone, bugging everyone around you because you can’t live without this person.”

“When you have to make adjustments to your lifestyle to figure out how to tone it down or how to incorporate all this stuff, that means you really care about this person and you want to be with them,” he explained. “That’s a really natural thing. I love that you have to make an adjustment at that point. That’s how real it is.”

He added: “‘Crazy’ was just my way of saying, ‘That’s real love. When you feel like you’ve gone crazy. That’s when you’ve actually gotten something right,’” he said.

Hayes decided to incorporate the long distance aspect to the song since it’s something he can speak on from firsthand experience.

“It was just a confessional way of saying, ‘That’s what I’m looking for.’”

– Annie Reuter,

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