The Ladies Room: HA! Guys Are Too Smart Sometimes

I mean I’m not going to lie if this happened to me I would have absolutely jumped on him JUST like the scene in The Notebook and kissed him!!!

This random guy asked girls on the beach what kiss they would prefer, Spiderman upside down kiss, mistletoe (bucket list) OR in the rain like The Notebook.  Because we are girls and most of us are hopeless romantics (well, I am) the rain kiss is the most popular so he asks them if the opportunity presented itself would they kiss in the rain, most say yes. Then guess what happens!  That’s right BAM it rains on this guy! Hahaha some girls walk away, some girls take him up on it and some girls wellllll….you’ll see.  (hint: they get wayyy into it)  Some may be disgusted by this video. I find it hilarious!

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