By Koffy In The Morning

Taylor Swift‘s image certainly has changed from when she first became a household name as a teenager. She has traded in her cowboy boots, sundresses and bouncy curls for a more sleek, refined look that Taylor says is all part of growing up.

She tells us with every stage she tries to be age-appropriate. [“I think for me it’s always been a really high priority. Having started this whole process when I was 16; putting out my first album, I got a lot of questions early on of, “Are you gonna grow up too fast? Are you gonna be a train wreck? What’s gonna happen?” and what I kinda gathered from all that is that it’s really important to grow up as you are the age that you are. Just for me personally that’s a priority. So I feel like when I was 18, I was 18. And when I was 20, I was 20. And now I’m 23 and I’m just trying to kinda live my best version of being 23 and to me that is expanding your horizons, challenging yourself musically, thinking outside the box for performances in ways you haven’t before. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. Plays lots of shows. Try your best to be better than you’ve been before. So, wish me luck.”] SOUNDCUE (:49 OC: . . . wish me luck.)

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