"I'm so excited to have my first album out."

In celebration of his album Bring You Back, which hits stores next Tuesday (Aug. 6), Brett Eldredge is our Launch artist this week.

Bring You Back is the Illinois native’s debut album. It includes his current single, “Don’t Ya,” as well as his debut single “Raymond,” which he initially released in 2010.

“Raymond” was “a very important song to me,” Eldredge told Radio.com in a recent interview. It’s a slow, thoughtful song that paints the picture of a woman dealing with Alzheimer’s, who mistakes a nursing home staffer for her son.

“My grandmother had Alzheimer’s,” Eldredge explains, “and I wrote that song from the experience of watching her go through it.”

But that song represents only one of many emotions that fans will find on Bring You Back. The album does have “a good mixture of the serious side of me,” Eldredge admits, “but I’m wacky and crazy, too.”

Speaking of which, there’s also “Don’t Ya,” another Eldredge composition featured on Bring You Back. That song may be the most familiar to current country fans, too, as it’s been steadily climbing the country singles charts since it was first released late last year. This month it earned a place in the Top Ten.

“I always wanted to write a song about how girls are very good at playing tricks on [mens’] minds,” Eldredge explains about the song, which he wrote with Chris DeStefano and Ashley Gorley. “I’m sure we’ve played tricks on their minds, too, but they’re way better at it. Whether it’s a brush of their hair, it’s the little things that always get us. And I wanted to find a way to write a song about that.” And ultimately, he says, “Don’t Ya” just “came out as this really fun song, and it’s been getting great reaction.”

The success of the individual songs are great achievements for Eldredge, it’s true. But having them included together on his debut album takes things to another level.

“I’m so excited to have my first album out,” he says enthusiastically. Which is little wonder, as it’s been a long, hard road for Eldredge to reach this point. “You come into an empty room with nothing, and all of the sudden you create this whole song that might end up touching a bunch of people’s lives. And then you get to put that all together on one album and get it out to the fans. And that’s the coolest feeling for me, and for any artist I think–to deliver a final product and say, ‘I worked really hard to get that out there, and I hope the fans love it.'”

Brett Eldredge Bring You Back CD (Courtesy Warner Music Nashville)

Bring You Back track listing:

1.Tell Me Where to Park
2. Don’t Ya
3. Bring You Back
4. On and On
5. Gotta Get There
6. One Mississippi
7. Beat of the Music
8. Waited Too Long
9. Mean to Me
10. Signs
11. Raymond
12. Go On Without Me

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