By Koffy In The Morning

All eyes are on Chris Young when he’s performing, but things get a little weird when Chris locks eyes on concert-goers. He gets a kick out of zoning in on a fan who is singing all the words along with him because it has an inevitable effect.

Chris tells us: [“My favorite thing is when I look down, and I see somebody singin’, and you make eye contact with ’em, and it’s like it messes up their entire world, and they just start, like, mouthing gibberish. They were singing the lyrics to the song like five seconds before that, and now you’re lookin’ at ’em, and you have no . . . they’re like. ‘yellow cats and purple bunnies.’ They have no idea what they’re sayin’, and it’s hilarious ’cause then they get really embarrassed. And it’s totally happened to me a lot, yeah.”] SOUNDCUE (:24 OC: . . . a lot, yeah.)

Chris continues on Brad Paisley‘s Beat This Summer tour, with shows on Thursday (August 1st) and Friday (August 2nd) in Englewood, CO and Salt Lake City, UT, respectively.

He is climbing the charts with his latest single, “Aw Naw,” the debut release from his upcoming CD, A.M., which will be in stores on September 17th.

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