Keith Urban Keeps Things Groovy – And Trippy – In ‘A Little Bit Of Everything’ Video

Keith Urban revealed his new music video today for his single “A Little Bit of Everything.”

Like the song, the video is quirky and good-natured, built around an easygoing groove that’s hard to dislike. Visually, it kicks off in a modest place, showing just Urban and his guitar in a hammock outside under the trees and sky.

Quickly, though, things start turning a little odd. The sky turns out to be fake, the outside turns out to be inside, and the house he’s in turns out to be situated on the 50-yard line of a football field. It’s like he’s inside some tripped-out, country-backroads take on The Truman Show (or maybe a less menacing version of M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village).

It gets weirder, too. As Urban sings “I don’t need too much of nothing,” he climbs onto a riding mower and begins cutting the grass of his football-field ‘yard.’ He then walks outside the stadium, passing through a tunnel out into rural setting where a black ’70s-era Grand Prix awaits. Soon he’s cruising a red-dirt road under an orange sky.

And all this happens before he steps through yet another doorway to get the newspaper on yet another front doorstep.

But, again, it’s all in good fun–and all moving and grooving within the confines of the song’s easy, breezy melody. Urban isn’t out to make waves or even change the world. “I just want to sing a little chill song, get my groove on,” he sings.

And as for that surreal sky and sun, it ultimately doesn’t matter that it’s sometimes real and sometimes fake. “When I kick back basking in it,” Urban sings, “I’ll be OK with what I’ve done.” Amen, brother.

– Kurt Wolff,

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