Once again, Taylor Swift‘s fans are steaming mad. And once again, the subject of their scorn is a simple cotton T-shirt.

This time it’s not Abercrombie & Fitch that is the villain; it’s a company called Bad Kids Clothing, which describes itself as “an EDM-inspired clothing line with a strong foundation in selling neon apparel.” The shirt in question (dubbed the “The Doherty&”) lists the names of Swift’s (known) dating partners.

As soon as word got out about the shirt, it didn’t take long for Swifties (Taylor’s rabid fan base) to jump to attention and take action.

In a recent blog post, Andi Cross of Bad Kids gave her POV on the controversy.

“The shirt originally started out as just a light hearted joke between friends,” all of whom “enjoy the pop tunes of T-Swift.” Cross writes that she “was joking with friends saying I wish I had as many hot boyfriends as Taylor – so hard to even get a solid date around here! You go T-Swift, you’re a babe! A simple, fun, harmless joke however, turned into an online sensation over the weekend and frankly shocked the Bad Kid community to the core.”

“The messages we were receiving were some of the most foul, horrific, violent notes I had frankly ever encountered in my personal experiences.”

The company is still selling the shirt as of press time today (July 18)–in fact, Cross insists in her blog post that the company “will not be removing the shirt from our store.” The one change they’ve made is that, on the listing for the shirt, they’ve added an “update” noting that the company has removed Cory Monteith’s name from the shirt. They did so “out of respect” for him “and those mourning his recent death.”

– Kurt Wolff, Radio.com

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