*Ugh. I’m so annoyed by the jerk Justin Bieber has become.  When he stayed at The Grand when he was in town I know someone that used to work there who told me Justin would walk through the lobby and just spit on the floor. Well. There is a video going around of him peeing in a mop bucket. Apparently he was exiting through a kitchen and decide he  needed to use the restroom and unlike well…everyone who uses a restroom he used the mop bucket that is also used to clean the floor. Like, he even thought it was FUNNY! Someone had to clean out his pee bucket!!!  Oooh man.  His mom needs to go regulate, clearly he’s gotten bratty to put it nicely. PS you can see the video on

*George Clooney and Stacy Kiebler broke up but that was inevitable. All his girlfriends want the wedding and the babies and George wants none of that.  They broke up via phone and George was a “perfect gentleman” when doing so.  I expect nothing less of him. I heart me some George!

*Randy Travis now has a device considered the “worlds smallest heart pump.” His  publicist, Kirt Webster, say he did not undergo heart surgery,  but did have an Impella peripheral left ventrical assist device placed in his heart for “stabilization while transferring hospitals.”  He insists the procedure is minimally invasive — and therefore NOT considered heart surgery.  I

Travis has also issued a statement … saying, “We are very thankful to the fans for their love and support during this time.”

Send a card and well wishes to:
Randy Travis
266 Blanks Road
Tioga, Texas 76271




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