Stall Secrets: How Much Do YOU Love Ranch?

Enough to drink it?  I probably do know some people who put ranch on EVERYTHING and would actually drink it if they don’t already but Ranch soda???  Groooooootttttyyyyy

There is NO way this will sell. According to the Huffington Post, Rocket Fizz recently launched a ranch dressing soda as part of a soda line called Lester’s Fixins. Apparently the soda was conceived over lunch, two  guys joking after one of them covered everything with ranch (we all know those people) and he said “we should make ranch soda so you always can have ranch” Thus, ranch dressing soda was born. My question is how much alcohol have they had at this point to actually think this is a good idea?!  Mannnn I sure am thirsty let me drink this bottle of ranch…it sure is refreshing!  Rocket Fizz makes some other  cray cray flavors, including buffalo chicken wing, bacon, coffee, sweet corn, and peanut butter and jelly.  They HAVE to be already rich and just super bored cause there is NO way they make a ton of money off these products.

Did you ever see the ranch taste test skip with Melissa McCarthy on SNL? Ooooh man it’s hilarious here is the link!

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