Top 5 Plastic Surgery Options For Men

(CBS Radio) — Move over women, it appears that men have insecurities too that lead them to seek out and undergo plastic surgery.

Where men are concerned, many men now choose to undergo plastic surgery in the hopes of appearing more masculine.

Check out the top 5 plastic surgery options for men:

5. Back in the 1970′s, you weren’t a “real man” unless you were sporting a mustache. Recently, mustache surgery has gained popularity — a sure sign that facial hair and mustaches are making a comeback. As hard as they try, some men have trouble growing a thick, manly mustache. During the procedure, the plastic surgeon will use a technique called follicular unit extractionto surgically remove hair from other parts of a man’s body, and surgically implant the hair above his upper lip. Similarly, the same surgical procedure can be used for male-pattern baldness.

4. Most men feel very masculine when they have a full body of … chest hair! The procedure is performed by removing hair from a man’s scalp, and surgically inserting the hair on a man’s chest.

3. The voice change … during puberty, most men go through a period where their voice deepens and sounds “more manly” afterwards. However, some men never really go through this change. To correct this, some men have voice-deepening surgery. The procedure is known as fat injection thyroplasty, and the end result is a deeper, more masculine sounding voice.

2. Even with rigorous leg exercises, some men cannot tone up and enhance their leg muscles. It’s known as “leg day” at the gym, but a great deal of men are opting for calf implants. In other good news, for men who have trouble toning their Pecs, a “man boob job,” I mean, uh … Pec implants can be surgically placed in their chest.

1. Who doesn’t love bodybuilder abs, right? For fit men who aren’t into grueling ab workouts, they can undergo abdominal etching. The procedure will cost between $5K and $7K, but for men who’d rather skip all the sweat and hard work, it’s money well spent!

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