(CBS Radio) — Many Americans awake each morning hoping to feel well-rested, but instead feel exhausted.

While not getting an adequate night’s rest is becoming the norm for people across the country, other people experience fatigue despite getting enough rest.

Have you ever wondered if feeling fatigued could be caused by some of the foods that you eat, or rather the foods that you try to avoid? Or, is over-exercising or spending too much time in front of the computer zapping your energy?

By now, we’ve all been told not to skip breakfast as it is the “most important meal of the day,” but did you know that in addition to not skipping breakfast, you also shouldn’t “skip” eating carbohydrates?

In fact, a study conducted by the Mayo Clinic found that people who reduce the amount of carbs in their diet disrupt their metabolism, and suffered similar symptoms to a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy. In truth, our body needs carbs to provide us with enough energy to get through the day. It is advised that your diet include plenty of fruits, whole grains, and vegetables — as these foods are all rich in carbs.

Stress can also cause a well-rested individual to feel overwhelmed and exhausted. The best defense against stress is to try to manage your stress level before it consumes every aspect of your life. Decide which tasks you can postpone until the following week, and when you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed — walk away from what is causing your stress and go for a walk or do something fun.

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We all know that drinking adequate amounts of water each day promotes health, but not all water is equal. What could be better than a bottle of Vitamin Water? After all, it’s water with added vitamins…win/win, right? Wrong! Most brands of Vitamin Water contain vitamin B, a vitamin which is hard for your body to break down and filter out. Drinking vitamin water can actually make you feel fatigued, instead of giving you energy.

Over the years, we’ve all been told by our doctor at some point or another to “exercise more.” But like anything, too much of a good thing can be bad. Furthermore, excessive exercise can cause an increased release in cortisol, which can make you feel extremely tired for the majority of the day. Moderate exercise is the key to avoid feeling fatigued after you work out.

If you spend a lot of time on the computer at work, or a lot of time “surfing the web,” chances are you may feel tired and can’t exactly figure out why. Not only is spending too much time in front of the computer bad for your eyes, but it can also lead to Computer Vision Syndrome — a condition also known for causing drowsiness. To help reduce fatigue associated with too much time in front on the computer, it is best to look away from your computer for 20 seconds, for ever 20 minutes you spend at the computer.

Lastly, certain medical conditions, vitamin deficiencies, or medications/supplements can cause drowsiness. If unexplained fatigue continues for more than a week, it is best to contact your physician and have some blood work done.

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