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The National Enquirer claims Miranda Lambert told singer Cady Groves to stay away from Blake Shelton. A source says, “Miranda knows her marriage is just one cheating night away from imploding. Any girl that comes sniffin’ around her husband will have to answer to her in all her fury. She felt like this young gal was making a fool of her and a mockery of her marriage to Blake. Miranda told her point-blank to stay away from her husband if she knew what was good for her. Cady sounded shocked, denied everything and complimented Miranda, telling her how much she admired her. But Miranda just cut her off, saying she’s dealt with girls like her before and she better stop it – like yesterday. A shaken Cady quickly called Blake and asked: “What should I do?” Blake told her, ‘If you value your life, I’d stop tweeting me.’”

Blake Shelton once tried to be romantic by buying a Los Angeles home for Miranda Lambert. He tells CMT, “I found this big-ass nice house with a pool, and the first time she ever came, she was like, ‘This is dumb. Why did you get a house this big,”

Jana Kramer plans to drink on tour with Blake Shelton. She tells Wonderwall, “Honestly … I’m going to have to prepare my liver for that tour. But it’s going to be really fun. He’s a great guy. He’s really fun to be around as well. It’s just going to be a good time, but I’m going to see if I can try to prank him too, out there. That’d be pretty awesome.”

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