Cleveland Fan Battling Breast Cancer Gets A Kiss From Tim McGraw

This past Friday (May 31), Tim McGraw performed at Blossom Music Center near Cleveland, Ohio, on his Two Lanes of FreedomTour. Fans fought the rain to watch McGraw rock the stage.

One fan who is battling breast cancer experienced a moment she’ll remember all her life. Amanda McGraw (no relation) headed to Blossom expecting a great show. Little did she know, she would be up close and personal with Tim himself.

She shared her story exclusively with station Q104 Cleveland:

“I have been a fan of Tim McGraw for 20 years now. I have been lucky enough to go to four of his concerts before. I almost did not even make it to this one. When I saw Tim was coming in May I considered going but thought I might not be feeling well enough (knowing it would be around my 6th or 7th chemo treatment). I decided I would just go next year. Things changed when I saw a picture on Facebook of Tim kissing a girl’s bald head. I read she has been battling breast cancer (like myself) for 7 months. I thought, if she can make it to a concert, so can I. I got a parking pass so my cousin-in-law Emily and I could park close. I even bought pit tickets so we could have the best seats!

I never go outside without my wig on, ever. I never thought I would have the courage to take my hair off for a kiss, but brought a bandanna scarf with me just in case. Emily had other plans. She coaxed a super sweet guy to buy me a pink cowgirl hat and then encouraged me to swap out my hair for the hat. It worked!

Credit: Amanda McGraw

Credit: Amanda McGraw

We made our way to the pit section and it was packed. I told Emily there was no way we would make it to the front. She looked at me, smiled, and started to slowly remove the hat. The tears started rolling down my cheeks. She stopped and said, ‘If you aren’t ready…’ I said, ‘I am.’ As soon as my hat was off (revealing my pale, bald head) Emily started telling everyone around us about the cancer. The crowd parted and a girl pointed to the stage and said, ‘This is where you’re at for the concert’ — at the stage! AWESOME!!!!

Credit: Amanda McGraw

Credit: Amanda McGraw

From that point on, everyone around cheered with us for Tim to come over and kiss my head! Emily even used lipstick to write on my head, ‘KISS ME!’ As soon as Tim saw me he smiled and winked. He then came over and sat in front of me and sang. I stood there in awe, hanging onto his leg. Throughout the concert his band played right in front of us, smiled at us, and threw a guitar pick to me. Eventually Adam Schoenfeld (guitarist) headed our way to give me a kiss! I am not used to offering my head for a kiss and accidentally offered my lips! Good mistake on my part.

Tim started playing “Live Like You Were Dying.” He pointed to me, winked, and rocked it. I was bawling, as was Emily. I think of this song often. While my prognosis is great, I know more young women who don’t make it from this disease, than those who do. I want to make sure I am living my life every day to the max, just in case. As the song came to a close, Tim started making his way over to me. He bent down, held my head, and kissed it! I was really crying then. What a dream!!!

I still haven’t washed my shirt from that night!”

 Cleveland Fan Battling Breast Cancer Gets A Kiss From Tim McGraw

Credit: Amanda McGraw

Tim, for his part, thought it was quite a spectacular show as well.

– Megan Frisina, Q104/Cleveland

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