Jesse Eisenberg always seems like a not very nice guy in most his movies, turns out he’s just as not nice in real life. Here are some clips of an interview he did for his new movie “Now You See Me”

I feel so bad for this girl.  She takes it though and kinda gives it back to him and how could she not? He’s over the top condescending.  I HATE HATE more than anything when people are condescending. It really is horrible especially when you are on the receiving end.   Watch as she tries to wrap up the interview and asks him to do a magic trick and he looks at her and says “Hey, you’re on my time.”

She wrote a blog about her experience with him:

“When the five minute ‘interview’ (more like self-esteem butchering) were [sic] finally over I went behind a curtain to wait for the memory cards from the interview. I peaked around the curtain to ask Jesse about his neighborhood in New York (he lives a few blocks from where I used to live) and he immediately says, ‘You’re still here?'”

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