TJ’s Trash: Miranda Has Full Access to Everything Blake

Recently Blake and Miranda have been in the tabloids rumors swirling that their marriage is in trouble.  Mostly that he is cheating on her with Cassadee Pope and/or Sheryl Crow.

Blake talks with People magazine and says nothing is going on, they have trust and he has no secrets.  If Miranda wants to go through his phone, computer, drawers if that’s what she needs to feel better then ok.

Most guys freak out if a girl wants to go through well…anything and I think if you have nothing to hide, what is the big deal if someone needs that to feel ok for whatever reason they are having doubts.  Everyone DOES  have doubts now and then (guys and girls)  and not because that person is unhealthy but because they are normal and everyone has insecurities. I don’t think looking at the other person’s phone is as big a deal as some people make it out to be.  My friends text me sometimes from their boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife’s phone.  Maybe it’s the closest phone to text from.

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