TJ’s Trash: Carrie Sings With The Stones And More!

If you follow Carrie Underwood on Twitter you know how excited she was to sing with The Rolling Stones!  Here’s a video of it!  So awesome!

Ok, let me catch you up on other stuff

~Amanda Bynes is accusing the NYPD of slapping her va jay jay when she was arrested.  She also tweeted about Rihanna over the weekend saying “Chris beat you because you aren’t pretty enough”  Rihanna tweets “This is why intervention shouldn’t have been cancelled” sooo THEN Amanda goes off and calls Rihanna a dog and ugly. Amanda now says she didn’t post those tweets and went on some crazy rant about how Rihanna posts pics of herself smoking weed and no one says anything about it but she doesn’t do drugs and everyone is saying she is.  or something crazy like that.  Idk how that girl can NOT be on drugs.  Really. I cant. Well, as of today the NYPD finished their investigation into VaJayJayGate and they say Amanda is lying there was no slapping or anything inappropriate going on.

~Justin Bieber had the cops called on him by 2 different people this weekend for speeding through his neighborhood. THIS Is why children shouldn’t own Ferraris!  Keyshawn Johnson, former NFL player saw Justin driving fast also and chased him down in his Prius, blocked Justin’s car in the driveway, got out of the car to confront Justin and Justin ran inside and wouldn’t come out so Keyshawn called police also.

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