Kenny Jay’s Misheard Lyrics

Trust us, his singing - not good (Photo Courtesy Kenny Jay)

Trust us, his singing – not good (Photo Courtesy Kenny Jay)

Remember the days before google when you had to buy the album, cassette or cd to know what lyrics to songs actually were. We all have songs that we think we know the words to… here are three songs that took me a while to figure out the right lyrics:

I thought they said “There’s a bathroom on the right” … I never understood why this song was so popular until I heard what the lyrics actually were.. “There’s a BAD MOON ON THE RISE!”

The lyric is “Let’s all go, down to DUMAS WALKER” … I thought Dumas Walker was three words, with two of them being a woman’s name. Get it? Yea, I was way off. BTW — How good does a slaw burger sound right now?

Then there is this… I was 5 when this song came out in 1984, so it makes sense. I thought Madonna said she was a “Cheerio girl living in a Cheerio world” (shout out to General Mills!) but she’s a “Material girl, living in a material world.”

So tell me, what lyrics have you whiffed on?! Email me ( or click for Facebook and Twitter!

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