Conan O’Brien Points Out That Taylor Swift’s ’22’ Isn’t An ‘Accurate Representation’

Taylor Swift‘s colorful music video for “22” paints the picture of a carefree lifestyle. Filmed at a swanky house in Malibu, Swift and her friends lounge poolside and live it up with elaborate parties complete with fancy wardrobe changes and, of course, confetti. But this isn’t how most people spend their 20s, and comedian Conan O’Brien took to his personal YouTube channel to prove Swift’s portrayal of 22 to be false.

Posted on Tuesday (May 21), O’Brien prefaced his video response to Swift’s “22” by saying, “Taylor Swift is great. She’s very popular and talented but I know what it’s like to be 22.” He went on to say her video isn’t an “accurate representation of what it’s like to be 22.”

“When you’re 22 you’re not living in that apartment. You’re living in a really crappy $380 apartment in the Mid-Wilshire district in Los Angeles,” he said. “I didn’t see any Ramen Noodles in that video ’cause that’s all you’re eating when you’re 22.”

O’Brien went on to vent about what life as a 22-year-old was like for him.

“I didn’t see her having bad skin or being way, way too skinny,” he said. “When you’re 22 you don’t even go outside. There’s nowhere to go, there’s no one to talk to. You don’t have a girlfriend. People are like, ‘What are you, 6’4 and you have orange hair. What kind of name is Conan?’ You’re a freak so no one talks to you.”

Conan isn’t the first to react to Swift’s video. Fuse posted a parody of Swift’s “22” with a slightly different approach. Titled “32,” the video describes life as a 32-year-old. A day full of adult responsibilities like work, finding a dentist and taking Xanax, it seems Swift doesn’t have much to look forward to when she reaches her 30s.

“It feels like one of those days I’ll start a diet, maybe Weight Watchers. I’ve heard good things,” Elaine Moran sings. “I have wrinkles and acne at the same time, it’s miserable… I drink because I’m sad now.”

– Annie Reuter,

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