Radio Feedback: Josh Turner’s ‘Long Black Train’ Made Him Pull Off The Road

Welcome to Radio Feedback,’s weekly feature where we ask artists to wax nostalgic on the first time they heard themselves on the radio.

The first time Josh Turner heard “Long Black Train,” his second single ever, on the radio in 2003, he had to pull off the road.

“My wife Jennifer and I were driving to my hometown in South Carolina,” Turner tells “We were on this two-lane country road and I was listening to my hometown station and [when] we had finally gotten within range of it ‘Long Black Train’ comes on the radio. I had to pull off the side of the road because it was such an emotional moment.”

Turner went on to explain that this was the moment he had been “waiting for and dreaming about for years and years.”

“As a young boy growing up down in South Carolina, to a lot of people being a famous country singer seemed like a lofty goal and even unattainable,” he said. “I never doubted it one second. So for that moment to happen in my life was a huge turning point for me.”

Turner said that hearing “Long Black Train,” a song he wrote by himself, on the radio proved that anything is attainable if you work hard.

“It really showed me that dreams really can come true if you put enough heart and soul into it and make the right decisions,” he said. “It was cool not only to hear my song on the radio that I had written by myself, especially on my hometown station, but to also share it with my wife. It was a pretty special moment.”

– Annie Reuter,

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