A common theme on Kacey Musgraves’ latest album, Same Trailer Different Park, is small town living. But no song addresses the topic better than “Blowin’ Smoke.”

Like Musgraves’ first single “Merry Go Round,” this song, which Musgraves wrote with Luke Laird and Shane McAnally, is a play on words. It looks at the many different meanings of the phrase “blowing smoke” whether it’s having a cigarette or, as the country singer herself so nicely put it, “talking s***.”

Musgraves told Radio.com that she wrote the song through the lens of a waitress who is “a little broken down, a little down on her luck.”

“We were just sitting there trying to picture these waitresses just sitting around talking about people and smoking and waiting on customers to come in,” she said.

On the song, Musgraves paints a picture of a dead end life of one small town girl.

“Brenda’s traded smokes for cake/Still hadn’t lost that baby weight/And that baby’s about to graduate/From college…”

She maintains that she is not poking fun at anyone in particular, but Brenda is a character from her imagination.

“We always like to put characters in the song like Brenda, ol’ Brenda,” Musgraves explained with a smile. “Well, Brenda she’s given up smokes, but now she’s eating cake a lot.”

Musgraves said that they wanted what you were hearing to line-up with the greasy spoon diner she’s singing about. This meant that they needed to go collect a few key sounds effects.

“We went to Waffle House and Luke [Laird] put his iPhone out on the counter and just pressed record during breakfast and got the lady calling orders and plates being washed and stuff,” she said.

If you listen close, Musgraves swears you can even hear the waitress calling in an order: “Bacon and scattered!”

While her first video was made using her friend’s iPhone, Musgraves has something a little more elaborate, a little more Quentin Tarantino-ish planned for this new clip.

“I want there to be a desert or Western element kind of like the rest of the album artwork has,” she said.

Courtesy of Mercury Records

Courtesy of Mercury Records

Adding, “I kind of want it to be gritty and real, but I also love the idea of it being really colorful, kind of like Pulp Fiction.

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