Mother’s Day is almost here, so while you are out shopping for your wife, mother, or grandmother, here are some tips of presents you should NOT buy your mom this year for Mother’s Day!

*) Do not buy your mom anything that has to do with dieting or weight loss. You don’t want your mom to think she is fat. This includes gym memberships, yoga balls, workout equipment, or anything dealing with exercise. I would only suggest these items if you mom is a die-hard gym rat, or you can get her something related to her passions like sports gear (i.e. a helmet if she’s into cycling).

*) Do not buy your mom anything from the “As Seen On TV” Store. It’s too typical and might come off as cheesy. Save these items for funny stocking stuffers at Christmas.

*) Do not buy your mom cleaning supplies. Mothers typically get the brunt of the workload around the house, and the last thing they want are cleaning solutions and mops to remind them of their domestic duties. Instead, pitch together with your family to surprise your mom buy cleaning out the attic, garage, or a cluttered area that she’s been meaning to have cleaned for a long time.

*) Do not buy your mom huge bouquets of flowers. I mean these types of flowers are great gestures, but I think your mom would enjoy a potted plant or a flower she can keep either indoors or plant outside in her garden. When she sees her nice plant, bush, or tree planted in her garden over the years, she will remember that special Mother’s Day when she received it! Also, cut flowers are pretty expensive around Mother’s Day and will die on you in a few short days.

*) Do not buy your mom smelly perfume. Find out what type of bathing supplies or perfume she loves and get that instead of one you find on sale at a department store.

*) Other items to not buy your mom: vacuum cleaner, popcorn tins, weird kitchen gadgets, socks, hair clips, or confusing technological gadgets.

The moral of the story is be original and creative, and most of all make your mom smile! What presents do you think your mom will love, or hate? Let us know in the Comment Section below! Plus, click here to see money saving ways on gifts for your mom!

Happy Mother’s Day

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