Hope you enjoy this  list of our 10 best  Brad Paisley cover songs found on different YouTube Channels.

10. Southern Comfort Zone

This cover is sung by three beautiful young girls Caroline Watkins, Mary Hailey Derrick and Lauren Watkins. This cover song was actually shared on Brad Paisley’s Twitter account when he tweeted back to the group stating how impressed he was with the duo.

9. Waitin’ on a Woman

Blaine Holcomb sings a cover song  ”Waitin’ On A Woman” on his Youtube Channel  originally composed by Brad Paisley. His acoustic version is sung without all of the big and expensive equipment which makes you feel like he is singing to you at perhaps a bar.

8. Online

This song may have been the most entertaining song to watch out of all of the cover songs for Brad Paisley’s singles. The only reason why it is 8 on this list is because the vocals are not amazing, but Drew Dawson Davis does a great job of singing the song and putting entertainment behind “Online”. It is a must see!

7. Letter to me

Ryan Scripps, a regular Youtuber, sings a cover song “Letter To Me” originally composed by Brad Paisley. Ryan looks like just a normal kid who has a passion for country music. It’s a great cover because Ryan is just in his room playing his guitar and that is what the song is all about.

6. He didn’t have to be

Brad Paisley’s song “He Didn’t Have to Be” is his favorite song that he ever recorded and Zac Charles does the best cover of this song on Youtube. He is just singing in a small room with his guitar and he makes you feel like he is singing to you and only you. Zac Charles does a tremendous job at composing this song acoustically.

5. Then

Matt O’Brien did a cover song “Then” originally sung by Brad paisley. On this cover he puts his own little twist on the song to show off his vocals during the middle of the song and he rocks it with pure vocals.

4. You’ll never leave Harlan Alive

Timothy Baker  has a Youtube channel with over 150,000 views and one his most played songs is Brad Paisley’s song “You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive”. As he sits on his couch with just a camera and his guitar, he sings away with his charming deep voice.

3. Everything

Tyler Barham does a fantastic job of making a cover for the song “Everything” by Brad Paisley. He has a deep voice and a talent for playing the guitar. On top of that he hits all of the high notes in the song. He puts a lot of passion into the song and makes you believe he wrote the song for a girl in his life.

2. Remind me

Mitch Rossell and Olivia Mitchell are solo singers but met up to make a cover song for “Remind Me” sung by Brad Paisley featuring Carrie Underwood.

Mitch Rossell not only sounds almost identical to Brad Paisley but also looks like him. Rossell does a great job of playing the guitar and also singing Brad’s part.

Olivia Mitchell on the other hand has huge shoes to fill singing Carrie Underwood’s part, but she does a great job of making it her own instead of making the songs identical. It was great to hear their personal touch on the cover.

1. Whiskey Lullaby

The number one cover song for Brad Paisley’s singles on Youtube  is Maddie Grace, a 13-year-old singing with her father, Patrick Bales. Maddie Grace is so young yet she has so much talent. It is great to see a powerful song about a tragedy sung by a father-daughter duet.

What is great about the video is how they are not singing to “Whiskey Lullaby” side-by-side. They recoded this cover at separate times and took the time to edit the video where it looks like they are facing each other while singing for a more intimate feel.

According to Maggie Grace’s Youtube Channel, this song won first prize in the 2011 VocoPro Singing Competition on Facebook.

– Sierra Dallas KFRG 95.1/Riverside

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