My Winter Wedding.. In MAY! (Pictures)

My wedding played out like one of those goofy disaster movies where you say ‘that wouldn’t happen.’ Well it did. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong. But before I get into that, let me set the scene. We chose to get married at Boyd’s Mason Lake Resort outside of Park Falls, WI. It’s a beautiful rustic resort. My husband’s brother made these gorgeous log benches that would seat our 130 guests. He also built an altar with our names on it. Let’s just say this wedding needed to happen outdoors. Too much work went into the site. Okay now back to the timeline.

Two days before our outdoor wedding:
We got a foot of snow (and I was worried about rain, ha!). Our reception tent was already set up. That bad boy couldn’t handle that much snow and collapsed.

One day before our wedding (most of our guests are arriving this day and we’re putting them up at the resort):
It finally stops snowing and instead we get a healthy dose of freezing rain. The pipes freeze to our three biggest cabins meaning no water and no one staying there. Now we don’t have a spot for 27 people who are arriving any minute.

Day of the wedding (rain is in the forecast):
On my way to breakfast my dog tries to commit suicide. She starts chasing a squirrel and tries to run over the top of a frozen pond and breaks through the ice and is stuck. I have to jump into the pond and pull her out (she’s fine by the way, though it took a good 30 minutes to get her to stop shaking).Wedding is a few hours away now and we have about 30 guests and resort staff members out shoveling a foot of snow and ice off the wedding site. At this point I have to start getting ready and trust that things are going to turn out.

When I pull up to the wedding site for the ceremony I’m in awe of the beauty. It’s completely cleared off. You can even see grass. The snow actually makes for beautiful scenery and right as the ceremony begins the sun comes out. It was magical. From there everything went exactly as I’d hoped. It was the perfect wedding. And the events leading up to it were a true test. We passed! Everyone kept their cool, things worked out perfectly and we’re married now.. the ultimate goal!
Here are a few pictures from the wedding:

Bailey Aro Photography

Bailey Aro Photography

wedding pic 4

Bailey Aro Photography

Bailey Aro Photography

Bailey Aro Photography

– Shayne Wells, BUZ’N @ 102.9 Minneapolis

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