Producer of Man vs Wild and upcoming Discovery show “Naked and Afraid” (whhhhaat?) Steven Rankin was in Costa Rica scouting locations for his show when he was bit by on the foot by a snake, a Fen-de-Lance.  The fangs went right through his boot.  He went to the hospital and got all the medicines BUT 5 days later the flesh on his foot started to rot all the way down to bone.

By the way this show is about 2 nude survivalists who are dropped in a remote location and films their  struggle to stay alive. WHAT. IN. THE. ENTIRE. F.   Whyyyyy would ANYONE want to live in the wild nude?!  I’d at LEAST want shoes and after seeing this photo you couldn’t pay me a million dollars to do this.

Ok. I’m posting a link to the picture because it IS REALLLLLLLLLLLY  gross. REALLLLLLY gross so here is your WARNING. It’s graphic so clicky clicky at your own risk!  (I know you totally want to,  I did).

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