I lived in Billy’s hometown of Savannah, GA for two years before we moved here.  I met a lot of wonderful people and still have many friends and fans of the show who have followed me here who will probably agree…

Savannah is a little star hungry.  It’s a smaller artsy, touristy kinda town with a beach in its backyard.  You don’t see star college or pro athletes there.  It’s a big small town, so the biggest celebrity you may see at any given time is Paula Deen shopping at Kroger.  Celebrity sightings are a big deal to a lot of people, including boat operators.  I’ve been on these kind of tours … you pay them $20 a person (before drinks!) to see cool things and the coolest sights you see on Tybee Island are the lighthouse, Sandra Bulluck’s house and Billy Currington’s house.

And as quick as his hometown was to claim him, there are people who are very eager to take him down.  Almost $28,000 bail?  That’s excessive.

While the “Terroistic threats” accusation comes at a really bad time (after Boston and with him launching a new song)…  I’m standing with #TeamBilly.  It’s already cost him a crazy amount of bail money and high profile gigs with Nascar … so let’s get it all worked out and move forward without courts.  Maybe over dinner at Paula’s house?

The irony here is it’s usually the old guy yelling at us to get out of his yard…



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