Bathroom Blog: Want This AMAZING Shirt!

Uhhh my birthday is October 16th! Someone get this for me! How fun is this?!  I mean, I would put this shirt over my head at every opportunity! (with a tank top on obviously or it could get REALLLLLY awkward, but how much funnier would it be if I didn’t?! Hahahaha ok, back to being 35 years old).

If you don’t know this is from The Walking Dead. Seriously, the hardest part about a zombie apocalypse is pretending Im not excited for it!  Except if it really did come…I’d cry and run away.

In other news I still don’t have a new car (since I rolled my Jeep) so that isn’t fun but taking the bus downtown from Plymouth is kinda fun!  I get home soooo much faster! I wish I would have thought of the bus sooner!  Except yesterday when it was pouring I decided if I have to walk in the cold rain without an umbrella I may as well do it eating Strawberry Cheesecake Custard from Culvers! I’m pretty sure the people that drove past me thought I was insane but whatever. Ice cream makes everything better.  I’m also in the process of moving and my stress level is at an all time high, I may be eating a lot of ice cream in the future haha!

Have you taken Skyrobics at Sky Zone?  I did last weekend for the first time and it was a BLAST! So fun! Doesn’t even feel like a work out!

There is also a new high heel aerobics trend!  Are you kidding me with that right now??  I can’t even walk in heels let alone do aerobics in them! I’d end up in a hospital! But I mean if you are awesome and are looking for a trendy work out! High heel aerobics is all the rage!  It doesn’t seem like it could be very good for you though…be careful!

It’s finally getting nice out!  I’m glad because then more people will be in good moods and not so grumpy!  Have a great weekend!


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