While the annual Coachella festival built its sizeable reputation on delivering an impressive range of musical acts ranging from alt-rock legends to emerging artists, the three-day concert has become so popular that the overall experience often overshadows the music itself.

A recent sketch on Jimmy Kimmel Live!highlights that phenomenon by quizzing random Coachella concertgoers about which acts they’re most excited to see, suggesting a few bands which they enthusiastically endorse. The only problem is that most of the bands they’re raving about don’t exist.

The TV crew got Coachella attendees to endorse “Dr. Shlomo and the GI Clinic” (“they’re always amazing,” says one fan), “The Obesity Epidemic” and “Regis and the Philbins.” They also approach a male concert attendee about the very real band Two Door Cinema Club, which he says he played on Canadian community radio. While that may be true, that band has never released an album called DJ Cornmeal, as the Kimmel correspondent suggests.

The crew even gets one unsuspecting female Coachella-goer to enthuse over “Get the F*** Out of My Pool” and “The Chelsea Clintons,” who she says “give off good energy” and “you can tell they do it from a good place… There are very few acts that give you that feeling.”

Given that Coachella can now sell out before the line-up is even announced, the clip does make a poignant point. While the desert fest is a mecca for diehard music fans, it’s grown so large that for many others it’s simply a party destination where they might stumble across the next big thing in music – even if that act is named “Regis and the Philbins.”

– Radio.com

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