By Koffy In The Morning

The question of “WHY would you?” will not be answered in this posting.  We just get the WHAT? and then SMH(shakin my head).

So here is the scoop on beer made with Elephant dung:

BEER BREWED FROM ELEPHANT DUNG SOLD OUT IN MINUTES: A Japanese brewery created a beer made from coffee beans that have been harvested from elephant dung and it sold out within minutes of going on sale in the country. The beer, made by the Sankt Gallen brewery is called Un, Kono Kuro – a play on the Japanese word for “crap.” It is described as a “chocolate stout” even though it contains no chocolate. The coffee beans used in the beer comes from Thailand’s Golden Triangle Foundation and just cost approximately $100 per 1.25 ounces.

Which if you were wondering works out to just over $11,000 a 12 pack.

So, there is the million dollar idea of the day and I am giving it to you for free…..

Step 1 – Go buy a bunch of whole organic coffee, as in 50 sacks of it.

Step 2 – feed it to a bunch of pigs or cows (caution caffeinated pigs can get a little wild)

Step 3 – follow the pigs  around and pluck out the beans that didn’t get chewed

Step 4 – Start Brewing

Step 5  – Say Weeeeeee Weeeeeee Weeeeee all the way to the Bank as you launch, not PIGS EYE,  but PIGS BUTT or TRUE  RUMP ROAST ALE!

You’re Welcome – Koffy

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