TJ’s Trash: Garth Brooks Sued and More!

Before I get into things that aren’t really all that important and just for entertainment, let me say my heart breaks so much for those in Boston.  I didn’t know this until now, but I knew someone there who stood on one of the bombs to take a picture before it went off and he walked away.   He posted a picture on facebook and said something I will remind myself of for the rest of my life;

“I look at this picture and think, what if I had taken a few more pictures, or got a call, or tied my shoe. But I didn’t. We don’t live in a world of what if’s.

So I keep walking forward.

If you don’t think every day is a chance if nothing else but to be alive, you’re not doing it the right way.”

So much truth to this.

Ok, on to the gossip.

Garth Brooks is being sued by his former business partner of 20 years Lisa Sanderson.  She claims he passes himself off as humble and an “everyman” but he’s really paranoid, angry, and deceitful.  She also claims she was a successful TV producer whom Brooks lured to jump start his TV and movie career but he killed deals with Disney, Fox and others by making ridiculous demands.  For example he could have been a sniper in Saving Private Ryan but refused because he wanted to be the star and (who knew this?!)  He could have been in the movie Twister but didn’t want to play the bad guy because he didn’t want to “play second fiddle to a tornado.” haha who even says that? ha.   She wants $425,000

A spokesperson for Red Strokes Entertainment Inc. has issued a statement “Mr. Brooks, of course, denies everything in the lawsuit filed today by Lisa Sanderson. Mr. Brooks and Red Strokes Entertainment Inc. will continue to take the necessary steps toward resolving this matter through the legal system.”

HA!  THIS is HILARIOUS!  Keenan Thompson and Jason Sudeikis impersonate LL Cool J and Brad Paisley to talk about “Accidental Racist” on SNL.  I LOVE that Keenan is having a hard time not laughing! If this video stops working here is a link to the SNL page CLICK

Did you see Kellie Pickler dancing while her husband sings?  Sooooooo soooooo cute!  I got goosebumps listening to her talk about her husband.

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